Where Do I Find Assistance?

Food Mobile Tuesday 8/28/18 at Cornerstone Church, 112 County Rd, Eastport

Here at the Eastport Labor of Love food pantry, food is distributed on Fridays 2:30-6:30 PM

Staples and extra food items are also distributed on the second Tuesday of the month 9:00-11:00 AM

Emergency Food, (a basic bag of food), is free for the asking on the other Tuesdays, the Third, Fourth and if there is one, the Fifth Tuesday of the month, between 9:00-11:00 AM

In case of emergency need, please call Anita at 853-2520, or speak to Ella at Eastport City Hall, 853-2300.

 Our address is 137 County Rd. Eastport Maine 04631

Fresh food, frozen meats, surplus bakery items and other “extras”, are available weekly, while a big box of staple food is provided monthly for every household.   All items are given at no cost to clients of the Garrapy Food Pantry at the Labor of Love.  To register for assistance, please speak to the Food Pantry Manger, Patti Loring, who may be reached at 853-0812.

  We welcome gifts of canned goods, garden produce in season, and unopened up-to-date food products, as well as offers of volunteer assistance from community members. This is Your food pantry—a way to reach out to your neighbors, and realize the great commandment to Love our Neighbors as Ourselves.  Let’s make this a Labor of Love together!