Kitchen Matters

Fun, Social & Educational Events

We provide a place and a kitchen to demonstrate all kinds of skills to make eating healthy, tasty and enjoyable.

Last summer The University Of Maine taught a Dining with Diabetes class here at the Eastport Labor of Love food pantry.

These are the kinds of programs that are available free here at The Eastport Labor of Love’s food pantry. They are fun, social and educational events.

"I went to the diabetic teaching classes you taught in Eastport this summer and I wanted to let you know how much you helped me get my diabetes under control. Before I came to your classes, I was taking medication for my diabetes in the morning and at night and I’m happy to report that I now take no medication for it at all! I started really watching what I was eating and that, along with exercising every day, made all the difference. My glucose levels stay pretty consistent all day, running from about 80-120. I’ve lost about 25 pounds and I feel great. Thanks for helping me understand what I needed to do to get these results. It was a great program and I’m glad you took the time to teach it."
- Program Attendee

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